Celebration Day For Girls

It’s no secret that growing up involves change, but we can help girls to feel informed and confident about their body, their cycles and themselves.

Your 10-12-year-old daughter gets a session of craft, activities, relaxed conversation, body literacy and stories.

To make the day run smoothly we meet with the mothers/carers for two hours either the night before the day or whenever is convenient for the group. We then meet just the girls on Saturday morning, then the mothers/carers join for lunch and the afternoon session, which is packed full of more crafts, stories, conversation and fun. 

We work with between 7 and 15 girls.

If you are interested in becoming ‘Champion Mum’ who can rally interest and get a group together we will gladly gift you a free place.

Here’s the main website for more info! https://celebrationdayforgirls.com


Click here to book a celebration day for your daughter and her friends: £75 per Mother/Carer & daughter.