Retrospective Menarche For Women

This celebration session will allow an embedding of the invitation to reunite your younger self starting out on her cyclical journey of menstruation, to where you are now. 

Because many of us didn’t have a celebration or a marking of our monthly cycle beginning, we passionately believe it’s very important to recognise and honour this time. We are completing the jigsaw puzzle. It’s like having a bookshelf full of books with the imminent book end coming, we need to go back and make a clear starting point or else how are all the books to stay in place?
Nikki and Kate will guide you through a 1/1.5 hour session using visualisation, ritual, ceremony, story and song. It will be your very own celebration to honour you as you were when you first started your bleed, to acknowledge any negative thoughts or past family hurts you may be carrying around this topic and to set you on your journey forward, empowered, heard, seen and ready for what lies ahead with a clear head and heart.
Come as a pair!
If you would rather share this experience with a friend you can book as a pair. The session will run on the same format but run for a bit longer to accommodate you both. 

1 hour Single session: £90
1.5 hour Double session: £130
This work is important to us and if you feel the same but finances are an issue please do get in touch with us anyway.