How Am I? Introduction to charting

We have designed a session that gives you the space to delve into your own cycle journey thus far and connect with other women who are keen to explore this topic. 
You will learn how to use the book and confidently and embed the howami process that we are both so passionate about.

We can do this in person in Bristol or online via Zoom, please get in touch if you’re interested.
Cost: £70 including a copy of the book and the session is 2 hours long.

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We have included many juicy elements to connect you to you, including amazing anatomical facts that every woman should know about her body!
It’s an incredibly empowering act for a group of friends to invite in self-love and self-care, but we also offer this as a one-to-one.
If you’re interested in this menstrual cycle awareness but finances are an issue please do get in touch for more info.