Traditional Thai Massage

The massage is fully clothed and performed on a floor mat. This ancient Art is a unique system for the Promotion of Health and Well-Being.


A fabulous workout to keep the body toned fit and supple sometimes nicknamed ‘lazy man's yoga’


It is a fusion of techniques that combines rhythmic massage and movement, acupressure, gentle twisting and deep assisted stretches to open an exercise the body's system throughout. I use my hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and feet.

Seven Star Consultation 


For those who wish to take more sustained steps to better health, I can support with this process. It is a gentle form of life coaching from which one mindfully choses the path they wish to walk. One self charts and then with awareness makes small achievable steps forwards. We look at Breath, Water, Food, Exercise, Rest/Sleep, Environment & Spirit/Happiness.


Courses on Offer:


 Couples/Partner Massage

A wonderfully healthy present for a loved one, couples learning how to work on each other’s specific needs or prone areas of stress in the body.  

Nicknamed ‘lazy man's yoga’, basic techniques are taught from the ancient form of Traditional Thai massage… A physical manifestation of Metta, loving-kindness. 

Once learned you both will have the confidence needed, encouraging special and intimate time to be spent together mindfully as well as gaining a lifelong skill. 


A chance for couples to engage in these wonderfully simple yet effective steps-easing away life's tension and making way for deep relaxation and a sense of Well-Being with each other. 


Bespoke packages can be discussed either as a one-off but preferably and more thoroughly - three sessions of 1 1.5 hours can give a full and deep insight into how to work the whole body. I aim to teach you what you wish to learn and am passionate about facilitating a home practice to anyone who wishes to learn this. 


Family massage 


A wonderfully healthy present for yourself and your family to learn how to work on each other’s specific needs and prone areas of stress in the body. Basic techniques are taught from the Ancient form of Traditional Thai Massage -a physical manifestation of Metta-loving kindness and compassion. 


A fun individually tailored session where children can learn how to massage Mum and Dad and vice-a-versa... Once learnt this gives your family both a rewarding and lifelong skill encouraging special intimate time to be spent together. 


Incredibly helpful for growing pains and supporting your children to be confident, healthy and engaged in their rapidly growing bodies. 


Sessions can vary from a one off, to a short course of three sessions. Ultimately, I wish to enable you to confidently support each other as a family through massage and I'm passionate about facilitating a Home Practice to anyone and everyone. 


Feel free to contact me for an informal chat if you're interested.