About Nikki

After School and traveling for a gap year I gained my degree in Creative Arts. This absolutely set my intention of seeing the beauty and miracle of Life.  Also having a diagnosis of Narcolepsy at 20 my journey into Whole Health began.  Working as an auxiliary nurse at Bristol Royal Infirmary to support myself while studying confirmed absolutely that this was the field, I wanted to spend my life working in. I learnt through my own journey that there was so much more than the Orthodox model of health and that so much could be done naturally to support the Human experience.  
I qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Swedish Massage along with Baby massage, Nutrition and Reiki but when I discovered the ancient art of traditional Thai massage, with its roots solidly in Buddhism Philosophy, Mindfulness and Metta -Loving Kindness, it was simple and clear that this would be my deep and focused ongoing study. With this as my Craft, It is my absolute honor over the past 20 years to have worked with both individual clients and business and then teaching, across the South West.  
For the last 10 years I have also studied Western Folk Herbal Medicine and it was during one of these sessions about 5 years ago that my fascination with the female body began. There is much change to come in this the field of holding and knowing the female Spirit and so writing this first book with Kate has been such a pleasure. I truly believe that bringing a softly held curiosity and understanding to the menstrual cycle, it is intrinsically woven within the Female form and its abundant gifts can both enlighten and support us when moving towards optimum Physical, Emotional and Mental health. 
Complimenting my area of interest, I recently became a Girls Celebration Day facilitor, working with girls 10-12 to inform, taboo bust and allow them to feel ready and full of wonder as they meet Menache and bridge into their menstrual cycling Years.  
Alongside all this this I have mothered two beautiful children now 14 and 10 and am so excited to diversify and collaborate with Kate in Books for Well Being