Nikki's Testimonials (Traditional Thai Massage)

"Nikki radiates a natural generosity of warmth and compassion that directly feeds into her massages. When you have a massage with Nikki, you feel completely held, cared for, treated and loved. Thank-you Nikki ."
"Isolde, 32 Voice Coach, singer song writer, murrmuration choir leader"
My first Thai massage experience with Nikki. I was simultaneously physically and mentally held and cherished for the first time in my adult life.
" Since having this massage with Nikki, not only am I going to make Thai massage therapy a part of my monthly self-love practice, but also I am inspired to learn how to do the massaging.
As soon as I entered Nikki’s home, I felt instantly connected to her, her warmth and her kindly words.  It enabled me to feel comfortable to open up to her, as though she were my aunty.  I particularly liked her inner-female strength and her understanding of the importance of female empowerment, mental and physical health.
The space that she created for me was not just one for muscles, skin and bones, it was one of therapy, of healing, of restoring.  Nikki held me physically and therefore mentally so that when some of the tensions and traumas on my left side made me very emotional, I still smiled and felt able to release.  That was very powerful for me, being able to harness the connection between mind and body in the presence of another.  I felt ‘real’, ‘human’.
Nikki took her time with every movement she made with me and her experience meant she really understood my body, including my hyper flexibility and ability to stretch, having myself practiced yoga long-term.
I loved the focus on different areas of my body – my side, my back, but also the seating motions and the focus on relieving tension in my skull and head.
I came away feeling strong and whole.  I felt a renewed sense of love for myself.  In this way, the massage was timely – coming for me during a greater learning journey I am currently travelling through.  What I learnt and felt during the massage has boosted my self-worth, my understanding of the need to self-love and of female empowerment.  After I left, I wanted to tell the world I love it.  It was a magical experience. I was simultaneously physically and mentally held and cherished for the first time in my adult life."
Melanie Desert criminal defence paralegal 26 years