Core Confidence Program

Core Confidence promotes positive body esteem aiming to engage young people in healthy behaviors via school and community partnerships. 

We use the positive psychological approach incorporating evidence based benefits of movement and mindfulness to build self esteem and healthy behaviors, addressing the physical, mental and social aspects of well-being.

Core Confidence is designed to:

Provide accurate and relevant information.
Utilize inclusive and interactive group facilitation techniques such as role play, self journaling, discussion and small group activities.
Use strategies sensitive to the gender, social, and cultural backgrounds of the participants.
Provide activities that allow us to confidently address body esteem and the factors that influence it. 

We provide strategies for participants to help improve both their and their peers' body esteem.
The program is delivered in a respectful, inclusive and supportive environment.
It draws upon research, qualifications, knowledge and lived experience to fill the gap in the education and well-being sector.
There are 6 x 1.5 hour sessions, each focused on one topic with expected outcomes identified. Lessons run in weekly succession where possible to optimize building group dynamics and  understanding complex topics.

This program is targeted at secondary school age teens, It addresses the awareness, knowledge, skills and strategies that young people need to develop and maintain mental and physical well-being, such as the development of self compassion, regular physical activity, effective stress management, menstrual awareness and social & emotional learning.

Session Outlines


Confidently You

Set group guidelines and expectations
Defines confidence
Identifies characteristics of inner critic
Identifies to manage inner critic thinking
Introduction to building self esteem

Socially You

Media literacy
Analyze social media use and its impact
Identify examples of comparison thinking
Understand the benefits of compassionate thinking
Understand to apply compassionate thinking
Curate a positive media "feed"

Healthy You 

Define healthy
Identify health behaviors
Promoting balanced approach to physical activity and nutrition
Identify limitations of health measures
Understand the body's normal Stress Response
Identify ways to manage Stress Response

Mindfully You

Define Mindfulness
Identify a personalized list of mindful activities
Understand the benefits of mindfulness
Experience a Mindful Eating activity
Explore journaling as a mindfulness tool
Developing coping skills

All of You

Identify personal values
introduction into duality
Introducing personal identify
Building on self esteem
Understand the seasons of the menstrual cycle

Loving You 

Identify personalized selfcare strategies
Create positive affirmation statements
Identify factors that promote worth beyond Image
Developing coping skills