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Welcome to the Howami Menstruality Clock

This clock has the potential to revolutionise the experience for us Cycling Humans, and to include the Menstrual Cycle in our Daily lives which has for too long been shamed or tabooed into silence.

Its purpose is to get it Menstruality on the Map a gentle yet powerful way, and to open up the potential for conversations....As a User of the clock and for those around you-be it family or workplace.

We hope you enjoy the elegant illustrations by Isla Sandilands, the copper hammered hands by Rosie Colvin and the handmade detailed elements...truly put together with Love. 

Our wish is to support the weaving of our silent Companion into the tapestry of our lives, and to learn to include-not exclude, Listen-not ignore, integrate -not hide and even dare I say it- Yes CELEBRATE!

Included with your Howami Clock are some simple guidelines on its functionality-but if you wish to dive deeper into Menstrual Cycle Awareness you can reach out to the Howami team for courses. We also highly recommend reading Wild Power which is a deeply life changing resource full of teachings that this work is founded upon.

Deep gratitude to Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and all at the Red School who have been instrumental to this wave of emotional and phycological awareness around this essential topic and who have literally built the platform on which this stands.

With no expectations, all you need is an openness to explore, however this looks or feels for you, and we wish you all the best on your Journeying x

Please note: with each clock you receive 2 clock hands (one hand for the moon and one to track the menstrual cycle). A core part of the work is to include those around you: be it colleagues at work with or house mates or family members, please specify if you require more hands that come at an additional cost of £2.50